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werto is a score nickname from 1990, made to be written in Commodore64 game’s hitparade.
I released in 2008 little pet stories, 8 tracks concept album; 2012 plantes, 6 tracks from 2010 EP, distributed for Winnitron Italy, plantes (album), 13 tracks, released during Ypsigrock 2013 performance, fd/ld EP, produced by Fabio Rizzo’s 800A released 30 April 2014 and μνημη (mneme), released 5 April 2015 for Doremillaro.
Before, during and after: some tracks have been published in various international compilations; I compose soundtracks for videogames and video; I research mixing up analogic and digitals; I’m a music teacher, but at first, with strictness and precision: I play.


werto è solo un nickname del 1990 da scrivere nella classifica dei giochi di un Commodore64.
Con questo nickname ho rilasciato nel 2008 little pet stories, concept album di 8 tracce; nel 2012 Plantes, EP di 6 pezzi del 2010 distribuito per il Winnitron Italia, a seguito plantes (album), composto da 13 tracce e rilasciato durante l’Ypsigrock 2013, l’EP FD/LD prodotto dall’etichetta 800A e μνημη (mneme) rilasciato il 5 Aprile 2015 per Doremillaro.
Prima, durante e dopo: molti brani sono stati pubblicati in varie compilation internazionali; compongo colonne sonore per videogiochi e video; ricerco mischiando l’analogico col digitale; insegno musica, ma soprattutto, con rigore e precisione, gioco.

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Here you’ll find a part of my works and compositions;
some compositions have gone lost, some other have to be recovered from old backups or game sources.

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